160 Ac - S Prickly Pear Wash Rd. - WILLIAMS, AZ

160 Ac - S Prickly Pear Wash Rd. - WILLIAMS, AZ



P A Y M E N T + O P T I O N S



$150,000.00 Market Price

$95,000.00 Sale Price


* A $2,000 earnest money deposit will reserve property, and will be applied toward purchase price.



We are asking for at least 15-20% down in order to make monthly payments affordable. If term is less than 6 years we will offer 0% interest; not looking for a loan longer than 10 years. We'll set you up with a financing plan that fits your budget!



DISCOUNTED at $95,000

* A $2,000 earnest money deposit will reserve property, and will be applied toward purchase price.


Standard price per acre in the area is $1,000 per acre.

Significant savings!




Email: amanda@appreciatingland.com

Text or Call: Amanda - 619-762-5800


* Will be closed through a Local Title Company

  • L O C A T I O N

    GOOGLE MAPS LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/7jwWumS28iZN14Dj6

     **Please see listed directions in photos above OR see step by step directions listed below.



    NE corner: 35.613867, -112.327112 (best access point)

    NW corner: 35.613880, -112.335131

    SE corner: 35.606261, -112.326875

    SW corner: 35.606261, -112.335132

  • D E S C R I P T I O N

    Amazing 160-acres in Coconino County, Arizona!  Unobstructed views of the San Francisco Peaks!


    South Prickly Pear Wash Road is 160-acres of pristine Arizona land in Williams.  The property is located 30 miles north of Williams in Coconino County, Arizona.  This 160-acre lot is perfect for building an off-grid homestead with room for a ranch dreams are made of.  The property can also be used recreationally, park your RV and utilize your ATV’s to explore the 6,969,600 SqFt that make up the 160-acre lot.  This untouched area is filled with wildlife such as Elk, Deer and Antelope and has roaming cattle grazing nearby. 


    The property is remote with amazing unobstructed views of surrounding Arizona mountain ranges, the Kaibab National Forest is to the north and the Coconino National Forest to the south.  The snow capped peaks that make up the San Francisco Peaks in Coconino National Forest, also home to the Arizona Snowbowl, can be seen to the southeast.  Both national forests offer many hiking trails and activities the whole family can enjoy.  The breathtaking Grand Canyon National Park is 89 miles north where you can soak in the amazement of the Grand Canyon, which is #1 on the list of the Natural Seven Wonders of the World!


    At an approximate elevation of 5,800ft, one can only imagine the incredible sight of the stars on a clear night without any man-made lights affecting stargazing from the property.  Enjoy the breathtaking Arizona sunrises and sunsets with no structure’s insight disrupting the majestic views. 

  • P R O P E R T Y + I N F O

    COUNTY: Coconino County, Arizona

    - LOT SIZE: 160-acres 


    - PARCEL #: 500-27-008


    - ROAD ACCESS:  Easy physical dirt road access ** no current 'legal' access




    - ARIAL DRONE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/embed/KA_ngulcO6k


    - ELEVATION: Approx 5,800ft

    - HOA: No HOA

    - ZONING: G - General

    ** General zoning allows for the most widespread usage. You can build a Primary Residence and have an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Animals are okay as this area does not have any such restrictions. One could get a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) with G zoning to do a campground/ commercial project or have multiple structures beyond the primary and ADU.


    ** Here's the link to the Coconino County Zoning Ordinance for some more comprehensive information:  www.Coconino.AZ.Gov


    - PROPERTY SUB-TYPE: Agricultural


    - WATER: Best option will be to haul and store. There is a fill up station on the 64 at Grand Canyon Drinking Water. https://gcdwater.com/

    ** Drilling for a well can be expensive in this area. If you'd like to get an estimate, please call Barbie Drilling at 928-699-1080


    - POWER: Best option will be Solar.

    ** Currently no electrical source nearby.


    - SEWER: Septic is not required, but if you'd like a quote please contact Mark Chase-Cyclone Septic 928-699-0645. There are also some alternative systems like composting toilets that are allowed. It depends on the usage. Please contact Coconino County (David Monihan) for more information 928-679-8772.

  • N E A R B Y + A T T R A C T I O N S


    Williams - 22 miles

    Flagstaff - 51 miles

    Sedona - 75 miles

    Phoenix - 190 Miles



    Grand Canyon National Park - 38 miles (only 44 mins!)

    Arizona Snowbowl - 59 miles

    Bill Williams Mountain - 32 miles

    Bearizona Wildlife Park - 20 miles



    I-40 - 30 miles

    AZ-64 - 32 miles

    AZ-89 - 47 miles

    I-17 - 62 miles

    AZ-180 - 62 miles

  • D I R E C T I O N S

    4x4 Truck/SUV recommended for dirt roads, but not necessary.


    FROM AZ-64 (see labeled map within pictures above)


    YELLOW Road - S. Big Elk Rd.

    - From AZ-64 exit S. Big Elk Rd heading northwest

    - Continue approx 1.75-miles to Latigo Rd. Latigo Rd starts just after you cross the Grand Canyon Rail Road Tracks


    GREEN Road - Latigo Rd.

    - Stay to the right to vere onto Latigo Rd. heading North from S. Big Elk Rd.

    - Stay on Latigo Rd approx 4.5 miles until you hit the Four Hills gate

    - After the gate take a right to continue north on Latigo Rd. another approx 1.4 miles to Rising Sun Rd.


    BLUE Road - Rising Sun Rd.

    - Veer left onto Rising Sun Rd. heading southwest

    - Stay on Rising Sun Rd. approx 1.5 miles to W. Bright Sky Trl.


    ORANGE Road - W. Bright Sky Trl.

    - Veer left onto W. Bright Sky Trl. which starts heading North

    - Stay on W. Bright Sky Trl. approx 4.2 miles accross the canyon to S. Prickly Pear Wash Rd.


    PURPLE Road - S. Prickly Pear Wash Rd.

    - From W. Bright Sky Trl take a right onto S. Prickley Pear Wash Rd.

    - Stay on S. Prickly Pear Wash Rd approx 1 mile until you meet with W. Bright Sky Trl again.


    RED Road - Unnamed road to NE corner of the property

    - At the intersection of S. Prickly Pear Wash Rd. and W. Bright Sky Trl. there are two 2-track roads leading straight ahead.

    - The road on the right is Prickly Pear Wash Rd. and the road that bears left is unnamed.

    - Take the unnamed road to the left and follow it northwesterly approx 1.5 miles to the northeast corner of the property.

    - The gate will be to the left to get into the property.





    *The markers noted below are approximate, the property has not been surveyed*


    - NE CORNER: Unnamed access road meets the property near to NE Corner.


    - SE CORNER: There is a larger tree with a small flag tied to it


    - NW CORNER: Fenced (western border and northern border fences meet at NW corner)


    - SW CORNER: Is on higher ground and gives a nice view. There is a survey stake on the adjoining property to the west, about 25-30ft from the fenceline.


    - WESTERN BORDER & NORTHERN BORDER: Both are fenced and meet at the NW corner

  • D I S C L A I M E R

    All property information listed is deemed to be reliable to the best of the seller's knowledge but is not guaranteed. Prospective buyers should independently research property & county information as well as perform their own due diligence prior to purchasing any property.